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Loki is a PDQ 36 catamaran built by PDQ Yachts in Whitby, Ontario. She was launched on April 13, 1999. We were able to vist the factory during construction and and then we brought her home using the Erie Canal.

Claudia, Amelia, and I took a year long trip from Boston down the Intracoastal Waterway. We have a trip log and gallery.

 I added some pictures of Whales from a P-town trip, as well as shots of the USS Constitution, and our dog, Molly.  I've also added pictures from the Summer trips of '06 and '07.

We've also posted a set of pictures from our friends Ed and Carolyn's trip to Newfoundland onboard their boat Moonshadow.

The Trip
Along the Way
Molly Doodle
Old Ironsides
Summer 06
Summer 07

It is with great sadness that I must report the passing of Davis I. Rawal, a war hero, shipmate, good friend and beloved father and father-in-law.  Davis had many adventures in his younger years, and fortunately for us, he started to write them down. I've collected what I could from his computer and assembled them on a web page. Hopefully I'll be able to add some pictures and other info about Dave's life. Click here or on the "Davis" button.

This is the PDQ Owners' Forum

The original builder, PDQ Yachts, has closed their doors. However, the larger sailboat is being built by Antares Yachts, and the power cats are being built by Pearson Composites.

Construction Pics

In Whitby (near Toronto), after Launch

The Delivery from Whitby to New Bedford


Our ICW Trip

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