Summer 06

As events unfolded for us, this was a hard Summer. We did however, manage to get in some cruising.


We went to Salem for the Fourth of July celebrations. After that, we went over to Great Misery Island to relax. In spite of the name, Misery is one of the nicest cruising destinations near Boston. Here's Loki in the cove:

Amelia realized she loved the kayak


Amelia and Molly decided to climb the famous Wedding Oak. (OK, Molly needed a little encouragement.)

We made a trip over to Provincetown. As we neared Race Point, we passed through several groups of whales.

Towards the end of the Summer we went South to the Vineyard. Along the way, there were a few sights.

We spotted this lovely cutter in Scituate. I leave it for the experts to identify.


We stopped in Hadley's Harbor, one of our favorite spots. The islands are owned by the Forbes Family Trust, but they don't mind if mortals borrow a mooring.

Here's what awaited me in the morning.

What would a private island be without a few private horses?

On the next mooring over was this beauty. I assumed it was a Herreshoff S-boat, but now I'm not sure because the transom seems a bit small.  But I am sure that the four in the background are H12's.

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