Trip Log
Trip Log
Florida Pics

Daily Log of Loki

This log shows where we've been so far. As you can see, we often spend two or three days in a nice spot. Other times we come in late and leave early. There have also been times when we were stuck do to contrary weather or mechanical difficulties.

Our travel days vary between 25 and 75 miles. In the WaterWay, we usually make 8 MPH, depending on the current, so 50 miles means 6+ hours of travel. Since the catamaran stays level, we can cook, eat, shower or do whatever when under way. Amelia generally does some schoolwork, some crafts, and maybe a Disney video (usually the same one, over and over and over ...). We can get local TV and Radio underway; most of the marinas have free cable TV at night.

In the warm weather we often anchored out or rented a mooring. As the cold weather overtook us, we stayed at marinas where we could plug in electric heaters - and who wants to ride in a dinghy when its 30 degrees out! We favored marinas in the center of towns so we could sample local color if we get in early. Down in Florida, we sought out resorts and parks, and stayed longer.

May 3, 2000

Quincy, MA

Loki is Launched for the trip

May 5


Bring Loki to Admiral's Hill for two months

June 29


Finally, we've started!

July 1

Seal Cove, ME

A long day, but we're in Maine now

July 3

Chebeaque Island

On resort mooring

July 4

S. Freeport

LL Bean Shuttle into town

July 6

Quahog Bay

warm enough for Claudia and Amelia to try a swim. Takes 2 days to warm up.

July 8

Boothbay Harbor

at marina next to bowling alley. Verify that the best fudge in the world is made here in Boothbay.

July 10

Tenants' Harbor

Dinner at Cod End Restaurant. Visited a favorite bookstore, RoseLedge, located on a front porch.

July 11

Russ Island

across Penobscot Bay, through Fox Island Thorofare. Taunted by feral sheep that refuse to be found.

July 13

McGlathery Island

with MoonShadow

July 15

into Stonington

then back to McGlathery's; small gale!

July 17

Southwest Harbor

On the way over, rock starts to move. Realize that it is completely covered with seals! On dock with megayachts

July 18

Southwest Harbor

CDM & ASM shuttle to Bar Harbor to give Jeff best birthday gift - a day alone!

July 19


ashore to Port in a Storm Bookstore

July 20

Northeast Harbor

shuttle to Jordan Pond; JDM falls out of dinghy

July 22

McGlathery Island

Back with MoonShadow; Loki's annual prop fouling on lobster pot

July 23

Tenants' Harbor

too lazy to find a new harbor!

July 24

Boothbay Harbor

see above

July 25

Sebasco Resort

a family resort - swimming, camp/day care, etc! Visit from Grandma & Poppy and Shirley & Ben

July 29

S. Freeport

on mooring

July 30

Richmond Harbor

fiddle with engine

July 31



August 1

Annisquam, MA

Very tight mooring field. Up several times 'cause we're bumping boats

August 2


tour House of Seven Gables

August 3


Constitution Marina

August 10


on mooring at Yacht Club

August 11


on mooring

August 12

Vineyard Haven

Rain & Wind for 6 days! Flash flooding in Deli! But we still have fun

August 18

Block Island

scenic but expensive

August 20

Stonington, CT

lovely - quintessential New England town. Train whistle in distance lulls us to sleep

August 21


Pizza delivered to dock

August 22


anchor out . Beautiful sunny day, swimming off Loki. Turns bumpy at sunset

August 23


visit from Grandma & Poppy, experience Stew Leonards

August 26


headed for City Island but lured over by swimming pool. Awed by mega golf cart to go 50 ft from boat to car.

August 27

Sandy Hook, NJ

through Hell Gate and East River (NYC) early AM; pinned by strong East winds and stuck here 5 days

Sept 1


free dock @ Shrimp Box Restaurant near beach - Amelia loves getting pummeled by the surf

Sept 3

Atlantic City

On condemned dock at Harrah's Casino; stuck here 4 days by high surf, bus to Boardwalk, Steel Pier, etc.

Sept 7

Cape May

Lovely town; Carriage tour of Victorian houses

Sept 9

Chesapeake City, MD

up Delaware Bay against the tide

Sept 10

Sassafras River

anchor in cove - swim off boat - this is the last time we can swim off the boat since the rest of the Chesapeake is filled with sea nettles

Sept 12

Rock Hall

first of many "Best Crabs in the Bay" restaurants (but Waterman's really was good!)

Sept 14

Baltimore Inner Harbor

fun place - Aquarium, great kid's museum, restaurants, Federal Hill, Fells Pt

Sept 18

Chester River

anchor in cove; rain from Hurricane Gorden

Sept 20

St. Michael's

great museum; fun town

Sept 24

Wye River

Anchor in Creek , visited by swan family, several rain days

Sept 27


Mooring in Spa Creek near town - stay for 15 days; Boat Show; PDQ owners party; CDM & ASM visit cousins in Washington for Yom Kippur

Oct 12


sample crabcakes around town

Oct 13

Solomons Island

Another nice museum, especially the dress-up area for kids!

Oct 16


depressing ... our fiftieth stop!

Oct 18

Deltaville, VA

nothing happens

Oct 20

Gloucester Pt

Aunt Roz visits; tour Yorktown; trip to Williamsburg. Amelia loves going back in time!

Oct 24


At Waterside for 2 weeks; CDM & ASM to CT for a week; MoonShadow arrives

Nov 6

ICW mile 6

Cousin Jack comes for ride; meet MoonShadow

Nov 7

NC Visitor Center

In Dismal Swamp; 16 boats raft up where there's room for four

Nov 8

Elizabeth City, NC

"Rose Buddies" Wine & Cheese parties; free dock; meet new friends

Nov 11

Tuckahoe Pt

Anchor near cypress swamp in Alligator R.

Nov 12


"World Famous Smorgasboard" pretty lame

Nov 13


Meet Bill & Carolyn from Someday Soon; they provide dinner & bath for Amelia!!

Nov 14


Everything at waterfront; yet another great museum; meet more boats with kids; trip to Outer Banks island with horses, dunes; towed back by Towboat/US

Nov 18

Swan Pt

Dolphins in ICW!

Nov 19

Wrightsville Beach

a very, very cold and rainy trip that ends at a great restaurant at the marina

Nov 20

Little River (near Myrtle Beach), SC

Meet with Moonraker - have Thanksgiving dinner with them aboard Loki; weather turns colder (24 degrees overnight!)

Nov 24


Rice Country. Nice museum, more rain.

Nov 26


stay for 3 weeks (engine repairs); great town; side trips to Beaufort, SC and Savannah GA. Dolphins are everywhere, plus tons of egrets, herons and other sea birds

Dec 16

Dataw Island (Beaufort)

See mink on the dock. Stay for major winds - gusts to 55 knots!

Dec 18

Hilton Head

Meet up with Moonraker again. Amelia so excited to see them that she wants to jump overboard to swim to their boat! Another cold spell - 22 degrees overnight!

Dec 21

Thunderbolt, GA

Palmer Johnson Marina, outside Savannah

Dec 22

Kilkenny Creek

The middle of nowhere

Dec 23

St. Simon Island

Golden Isle Marina

Dec 24

Fernandina Beach, FL

Finally Florida! Strong wind, bouncy ride at dock. We do a bit of shopping before the town closed for Xmas

Dec 26

Jacksonville Beach

Palm Cove Marina - seemingly in the woods, but there was a Walmart, a Winn-Dixie, and a Chinese restaurant at the end of the road!

Dec 27

St Augustine

Beautiful day on 27th, toured the city; Cold and rain on 28th

Dec 29

Daytona Beach

Huge, Nice Marina. We're in big fish territory!

Dec 30


We stayed for a week - New Years day at Kennedy Space Flight Center; several days at Disney

Jan 6, 2001


Amelia rides her new bike - skins her knee!

Jan 7

Ft Pierce

Amelia meets a new friend - we stay two days

Jan 9

West Palm Beach

At luxury yard Rybovich Spencer - we're in the Land of Giants with megayachts all around

Jan 10


Visiting Grandparents - everyone piles off the boat for land living luxury: long showers, home cooking, pool and beach!

Jan 14

Ft. Lauderdale

Bahia Mar Yachting Center - lap of luxury! Dinner at Riverfront; visits from family and friends; a new screen door. Lots of time at the pool.

Jan 17


Sail outside (in the ocean!) for the first time since Labor Day. Stay at Miamarina at Bayside. Trips to downtown, South Beach, and the Zoo

Jan 21

Boca Chita Key

Finally in the Keys, sortof. This is a small island on the South end of Biscayne Bay. Strong winds hold us here for three days, so we party with several other boats.

Jan 24

Largo Sound

Part of Pennecamp State Park - the entrance is a mile long creek through mangroves.

Jan 25

Key Largo

We stay at the dock in front of the Best Western Motel. We take a glass bottom boat trip to the reefs; then a snorkle trip on a 60 foot catamaran. The African Queen (from the movie) is on display.

Jan 29

Duck Key (near Marathon)

In Hawk's Cay Resort for a week - we stay for two. Most memorable entrance so far - JD takes a piece out of a piling by refusing to believe the current was that strong - then (after a crowd has gathered) Arlo make a jump for the dock and misses! Amelia goes to camp, plays with a dolphin, makes lots of friends. We Scuba dive a reef!

Feb 12

Newfound Harbor

Anchor out in 4 feet of water. Swimming off boat - Just hangin' out for a few days

Feb 16

Key West

Finally - the End of the Rainbow! In a resort marina (with pool, of course!) Aquarium, Conch Train, Mallory Square, Duval Street ...

Mar 8

Newfound Harbor

back for one night - anchored with two inches of water under the keels & jumped in to clean various intakes, etc.

Mar 9

Flamingo Outpost

In the Everglades near the Southern tip of FL. Alligators, crocs, herons, ibis, egrets, vultures, spoonbills, anhingas (actually we saw everything except flamingos!) ... Arlo falls in again!

Mar 12

Indian River

In 10,000 Islands near Everglades City

Mar 13

Marco Island

a great beach

Mar 18


Grandparents come for a visit

Mar 28

Captiva Island

South Seas Plantation Resort - another lap of luxury resort

April 5

Cabbage Key

Cute rustic inn and restaurant

April 6

Useppa Island

A fancy island community and boat club - Th Bay of Pigs invasion was launched from here!

April 7

Cayo Costa

Anchor with a crowd off a state park - this is our furthest point from home

April 8

Captiva Island

'Tween Waters - the competition for South Seas

April 10


anchor off of resort

April 11


on mooring again

April 12

Marco Island

Stay with Lee & Dottie - PDQ owners  - our 100th stop

April 13

New Turkey Key

In 10,000 Islands areas of Everglades Park

April 14


back to Everglades for more bird watching - unfortunately the bug season has started

April 16

Lignumvitae Key

Back in the Keys on the way home

April 17

Coconut Grove

A long trip to beat some weather and get back to the waterway

April 19

Ft. Lauderdale

Back in Bahia Mar

April 20


Lighthouse Point Marina - Family visit for Jeff's Dads 80th birthday

May 1

West Palm Beach

At Rybovich Spencer for a quick haul, bottom wash, oil change, etc. Visit Playstation, world's biggest catamaran

May 3


At Marriot Resort

May 4

Vero Beach

"Where the Tropics Begin" (Or end, in our case)

May 5


walk old town center

May 6


spend several days - visit Disney (Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom); shopping; Arlo swims a third time - we think he likes it!

May 10


Long days - making tracks home ...

May 11

St. Augustine

At Muni Marina

May 12

Fernandina Beach

About to leave Florida - we spend an extra day to relax

May 14

St. Simon Island, Georgia.

Into Georgia, and infested by plagues of insects!

May 15

Kilkenny Creek

middle of nowhere, even more bugs!!!

May 16

Hilton Head, S.C.

Out of Georgia, we spend a day and make new friends at the pool

May 18


We check out the downtown area; give cats flea bath!

May 19

Steamboat Creek

We anchor too close to shore and find ourselves tipping 20 degrees at midnight! All is well by 3 AM.

May 20


A trip to the Aircraft Carrier, Sub and CG Cutter; Aquarium & IMax; better flea medicine (this stuff really works!)

May 23


Town is shut down by the time we get there. B'fast at Thomas's Deli

May 24

Little River

near Myrtle Beach

May 25

Carolina Beach, N.C.

Meet another boat with 3 Siamese cats

May 26

Sneads Ferry

About 240 years ago a guy named Snead had a bar on the other side of the river. That was the high point of the local history.

May 27


One of our favorite towns - we buy books, groceries, do oil changes, eat hush puppies

May 30


No fuel, no pool, NO CABLE!!!

May 31


Dowry Creek Marina - very nice stop - many hummmingbirds at pool

June 1

Alligator River

small marina tucked away just South of Allbermarle Sound

June 2

Dismal Swamp Canal

early start - we cross the Sound before it gets nasty. Pass by Elizabeth City and get into NC Visitor Center by 2:30. The Pasquotank River is the prettiest part of the ICW. Meet up with PDQ 32 Topcat

June 3

Norfolk, VA

Back at Waterside. Visit Aunt Roz. Tour Battleship Wisconsin

June 6

Windmill Pt

"Luxury" marina across from Deltaville

June 7

Pt Lookout, MD

Tried for Solomons I but got a strong squall at mouth of Potomac. The wind stayed North at 25 knts, so we went up to the nearest marina.

June 8

Solomons I

Calvert Museum again. Great Supermarket

June 9

Herring Bay

Yet another sialing town, South of Annapolis

June 10

St. Micheals

Back for the museum again

June 11


Tie up in "Ego Alley" near the dinghy dock. Two days s all we can take, being in the absolute center of town!

June 13


Three days - Childrens' Museum, Museum of Industry, shopping, Italian food; Caught in a Major downpour!

June 17

Chespeake City

We fight a strong headwind all the way up the Bay in into the C & D Canal

June 18

Cape May, N.J.

Unlike the previous trip, this was perfect - moderate wind and a favorable current all the way down Delaware Bay

June 19

Atlantic City

More favorable wind and tide; Trump's Marina has double its rate - its now the most expensive (by a large margin) on the East Coast. We seek an alternative.

June 20

Atlantic Highlands

Another perfect travelling day. We've been flying up the coast!

June 21

Manhasset, NY

Though the City and Hell Gate on the morning tide. We take a day off to relax and tour the town (and to let some weather go by)

June 23

Norwalk, CT

Claudia's parents show up and we have a 80th birthday party for her father! (An odd coincdence that both our fathers had their 80th during this trip, and we were close enough to celebrate with them!) Amelia goes home with Grandparents for a few days!

June 25


Without child, we celebrate with a trip to the mall!

June 26


Grandparents return with Amelia

June 27

Cuttyhunk, MA

Another perfect day - sailing with a stong current. An extra two knots always puts a smile on my face.

June 28


We go first to Vineyard Haven, but there are no "inside" moorings. We luck out and get one in Edgartown, so we stayed through July 4th. On a trip to get water, we find a propeller blade has fallen off! A diver found it, and after we get some parts FedEx'ed he re-assembles. Rybovich Spencer (the big marina that put it on) offers to pay the bill!!!

July 6


The trip through Wood's Hole is always fun - this time we had a 5 knot push

July 7


Yet Another Great Travelling Day - up Buzzards Bay, through Cape Cod Canal (with 5+ knots), and up the coast. On a mooring by 2PM.

July 8, 2001


A grey morning for our last 4 hours. We have a slip at Marina Bay for a week so we can unpack. Our car is wating for us, and we sleep in our beds for the frst time in 53 weeks.

For Family Only


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