Summer 07

During the Summer of 2007 we visited many of the same ports we do most years, so its no surprise that some of the pics will look the same. However, Amelia went to camp for a month, so this is the first time since she was born that we've cruised without her.


First stop was Misery Island off Manchester by the Sea. This was midweek, but on the weekend each mooring has several rafted powerboats!


And of course we climb the "Wedding Oak"


The new tall ship Friendship, out of Salem, sails by. Marblehead is in the background.


In Salem we pick up additional foredeck crew. Amelia shows the proper technique for handling the sheets.


From Salem we crossed Mass Bay to the Cape Cod Canal, dodging thunderstorms along the way. Here the foredeck crew is enjoying the view of the Canal from the bow,.  Half an hour later we were plowing through a nasty chop caused by a 20 knot SW breeze against a 3 knot Canal current, and the girls were getting dunked in each wave, much to their amusement!


At the Vineyard Haven Town Dock the favorite activity is "chicken necking" for crabs. Molly is not convinced.


Molly finally shows some inclination to swim. Actually she only swam because Claudia was holding a hot dog! She also was willing to go after Amelia if she was in deeper water - Molly would swim out and push her back in!


Back on Loki, Woody relaxes on his summer perch. He'll be upset next year when we get an LCD TV.


After taking Amelia to camp, we headed East to Maine. Here we're in Potts Harbor in the middle of Casco Bay, just in time for the annual lobsta boat races! Note the alert crew member standing watch on our deck.  Although it looks clear now, a few hours earlier we had been picking our way through lobster pots in pea soup fog, trying to find the harbor. We had thick fog for most of this trip, so the new GPS plus reconditioned radar came in real handy.  


After a stop in Sebasco, we went down to Booth Bay, where Claudia had Lobsta 4 days in a row. We were lucky to get a mooring since the New York Yacht club was in for its annual cruise the next day. The sail here was the only clear day of the trip, but the haze came back while we were here.


We had planned to go further East, but the NY Yacht Club was headed that way, so we went back to Robinhood Cove. More fog, and thunderstorms!


At the end of the summer we got in another trip, this time to P-town. No whales on this trip, but we enjoyed another visit to the dunes. These shacks are for rent, but you have to win the time in a lottery.


And finally, a short trip to a lake in Maine. Here's a Laser on the lake, but were's the skipper???


Here she is!


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