Along the Way

Every time we go out for a sail, there's something we've never seen before. Often, this involves new ways of making old mistakes. Occasionally, we remember to get a picture! (We hardly ever remember to take a picture when its our blunder!)


Raildown in Cuttyhunk Pond

Its unusual to be hard aground on a mooring, but Cuttyhunk has a mix of town moorings in 9 feet and, just nearby, private moorings in 2 feet of water.

We wondered if this person thought he was lucky to get the last mooring in Cuttyhunk! Or, did he he think he saved $25 by not taking a town mooring? 

Unfortunately, there's only a 2 foot tide in Cuttyhunk, so he has a 11 1/2 hour wait.

How 'bout if we invite a few friends?


In mid-July we stopped at one of our favorite places, Hadley's Harbor. This is across the channel from Wood's Hole, and is a perfect place to wait for a favorable current in the Hole. The surrounding islands are owned by the Forbes family trust - you can't go ashore but they do provide a small number of moorings in the inner harbor for the public. The outer harbor provides an overflow area - good holding but only fair protection. You usually find a dozen or so latecomers there.

On this occasion, the inner and middle harbors were full, so we were forced to stay in the outer harbor.  We tucked into a little cove in the corner (three foot draft helps), set two anchors, and watched the outer harbor fill, and fill, ... and fill! It turned out that the New York Yacht Club fleet was returning from its rendezvous in Nantucket, there was also a large race with a finish in Wood's Hole, and the search for JFK Jr's plane prevented a lot of people from going to the Vineyard.  I estimated about 300 boats, including many anchored out in the channel.

Back In Boston

In October, we came up to Boston for the Winter haulout. We had a great view from the cockpit at Constitution Marina!

The enclosed cockpit came in handy for a few late October day sails.


In late October it was time to haul Loki for the winter. Its always a sad day, but we a great summer, and are looking forward to warmer climates in the future!

Its a little hard finding a yard with a lift large enough to handle a cat. This one is at Bay Pointe Marina in Quincy, Ma.


Are you sure that's only 18 feet??

On the Hard!

Supports under the primary bulkheads carry most of the weight.

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