Florida Pics

We got in Florida Christmas Eve, in time for yet another cold spell. We were on Amelia Island, so Amelia told everyone this was her island!

Trip Log
Florida Pics

Amelia and Claudia made a Menorah for Chanukah. In spite of Mia's dress, there was a hard freeze warning this night in Northern Florida! Arlo manages to set his tail on fire in the Menorah!

For Family Only

Guess where we went after New Year's!


We did the roller coaster twice!

At the Southern tip of Merritt Island, 30 mile South of Kennedy Space Flight Center, is this huge dragon! It was built as a playground for the kids living in the house behind. Its for sale now, dragon included!

Key Largo plays up the Bogart connection. This is the boat used in the movie African Queen. It was built in 1912, and is still used for tours. We suspect the outboard engine was added recently. Nearby is the runabout used in On Golden Pond.

Claudia and Amelia take a Dolphin Discovery course at Hawk's Cay. Here, they get up close, giving commands to jump, and fetch. Amelia declines to feed them - "Eeewwww!! Raw Fish!!"

One of five pools at the resort, the wading pool has a large pirate ship in the middle. We spend much of our time at the pools. We finally found warm Florida!

Arlo has an uneasy truce with a pelican.

Amelia shares her bouncy chair with a new friend Sophie, who was staying in one of the resort villas. The chair is suspended from the mast, with a bit a shockcord to make it "bouncy." The mast spends more time with holding the chair then sails!

The End of the Rainbow!

Finally, we're in Key West! They have to replace these signs several times a month!

The "Official" Southernmost point in the country ...

The real southernmost point is on the Naval Air Station, where they eavesdrop on Fidel's cell phone!

Key West harbor is filled with tarpon and barracuda In the background is the Gulf of Mexico You can see part of the cruising fleet anchored by the island. .

A stingray flying by a turtle. OK, this was in the aquarium - but we have seen lots of these critters out on the reef, and even in the marinas!

A few for Grandma

Just hangin' out at the corner of Amelia and Duval

Key West is filled with feral cats and chickens, leading to odd sites ...

One of the many nightly shows following the Sunset Gathering at Mallory Square.

Chickens wander everywhere ... this was in Blue Heaven Restaurant (outdoors, of course, as many KW restaurants are.)

We took a side trip to the Dry Tortugas, which includes a huge old brick fort, and some beaches with nice snorkling.

Amelia loves to swim under water. Also, Jeff has spent more time in the water this year than the rest of his life!

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